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Front Garden Design - Private Estate

"We are thrilled with the flow of his planting and the seasonal beauty that never ceases to surprise and delight us."

I was invited to design and plant a front garden on a private estate in Forest Row. The client wanted the planting to echo the imaginatively planted back garden - on the list of plants were tall ornamental grasses, bamboo, phormiums and an Acer. The planting was also to reflect the language and signature planting of the estate.

One of the best crab apples, Malus Evereste, was chosen for its spring blossom and ornamental fruit in the autumn. Likewise a red-leaved Acer was selected for its graceful habit, its autumn colour and beautiful foliage. A variety of ornamental grasses were used to add visual interest.

"John jumped on board and took up this challenge with enthusiasm, imagination and clever creativity. We much enjoyed the open process with him…he was an excellent listener, his mood boards with suggested planting plans and species were inspirational and he went beyond the call to satisfy each of our requests."

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